Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Going through a box of stuff I brought home from my dad's house.

Came across his high school diploma, certificates of honor from the army, his birth certificate.

Found my mom's junior high school autograph book and high school year book.

Found some school newspaper my mom saved from Morris High School

What to do with all this stuff?  I don't want it but I can't get myself to toss it either.  I can't throw away my parents' lives.


  1. If the high schools still exist, they may want the year books (or the local historical society maybe.) Your children may want some of the certificates. My mother has her father's 6th grade report card and one of her grandmother's framed.

    Hugs. My mother lost her parents 3 weeks apart when I was in college. I remember how hard it was.

  2. Before deciding to get rid of anything.. maybe its best to hold onto it for a while... Make a folder and put all of the documents in there.. something tha will be easy to store. Then in a few months, or a year from now, you can see what you would want to do with it then. Another idea on how to preserve these documents, if you ever want to make a family photo album, you can put some of those items in there..especially those certificates of honor from the army. That is a major accomplishment that children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can be proud of for a long time.

    I have used cetain documents with my grandparents and great grandparents memrobilia and found ways to incorporate in the family albums I created. The family albums are one of my biggest family accomplishments to preserve family history.