Saturday, November 9, 2013

Matters Get Complicated

The first line of my dad's will states that all his bills be settled immediately from his estate.  He left plenty of money in a checking account I shared with him to do this and have been doing so religiously, paying even before the bills become due.

I got a call from my temple Thursday telling me my check was declined.  I called the bank to find out what the problem was.  They told me the account was fine.  I then noticed another check I had written to pay for his perpetual care was also returned.  Still, I checked  online and saw the balance is fine and there is no indication that there is a problem.

The officer in my bank told us the bank probably froze the account until his last social security and pension check is retrieved.  I understand they have the right to collect that money, but not to hold all of it.  What I really don't understand is why Apple Bank couldn't notify me about this.

My dad never wrote a bad check in his life.  He shouldn't be writing them in his death either.  No one is available in Apple until Monday, but they better have a good excuse and they better make good on all those checks.

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