Friday, September 12, 2014

Dad's Response To Mail

My dad still gets mail a couple of times a week.  He gets credit card offers, opportunities to buy car insurance and requests for donations.  Every time I toss one of these requests I hear him on the phone, calling the 800 numbers and saying.  "I died October 16, 2013.  I don't have a car anymore.  I don't need a new credit card and I can't afford to give you any money since I no longer get a pension or social security.  Please remove me from your list."

Monday, September 1, 2014

Missing Dad

This week has been the first time my sister has returned to New York since our dad died.  I've been trying to do things with her she never got to do in all the times she came in to visit him.

I know she is having a good time, but there still is that void.  She misses his demands, his phone calls and his constant worrying.  I do too, but I guess because I am here it has gotten a little easier.