Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I opened the door to my dad's house today and saw what looked like a black cat running towards the bedroom.  I was afraid there was a mouse in the apartment, but since there were no droppings and the few food packages were intact I figured it was just a shadow and forgot about what I saw.  An hour later, my husband saw the same thing.  I caught the tail end of what he saw

I never believed in an after life or in spirits and I always laughed at the idea of ghosts but something inside of me tells me my dad is still there.  I just hope he is at peace.  I cut off the cable so he can't watch his favorite television show MASH or even watch the comings and goings in the lobby and laundry room.

My sister will be here in a few weeks.  She believes and hopes to see him.  I want him to be with my mom, happy again with the love of his life.

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