Tuesday, July 15, 2014

90th Birthday

My dad would have been 90 today.  I would have gotten up early, picked him up and we would have gone to IHOP, one of his favorite places to eat.  Then, we would have gone to the Casino in Yonkers and I would have watched as he happily put his pennies into the slot machine, talking and rubbing it to get a win and walking around looking for the lucky machine.  We probably would have then gone to the butcher where he got his meatballs and told everyone he met it was his birthday. The pretty cashier would have given him a container of soup or a kugel as a gift.  She loved him because he reminded her of her grandfather.  I chuckled because he thought she was hot for him.  I imagine she and the others who work there must know he is gone since he hasn't been around in so long.
 Dad celebrating birthday in IHOP 2011.  Boy was he surprised and happy when everyone sang to him.

Dad today

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